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My name is Anastasiia Kramarenko and I’m an animal behaviorist

Iʼm working with cats, dogs and ferrets. If you are interested in raising up your animal in a positive way and want to establish healthy and strong relationship with your pet, I’m waiting for you.

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Про мене

About me


Animals are my passion since childhood. I have been interested in everything related to them for as long as I can remember. I grew up reading books by Gerald Durrell, James Herriot, Joy Adamson and Karen Pryor. My favorite programs on TV were documentaries about the life of animals.


Without any doubt, I went to study veterinarian medicine, and several years worked in that field. Later I realized that I’m interested more in the behavioral aspect of animal welfare.

Моя освіта

My education


Educational programs in:

Numerous webinars and conferences:

  • International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

  • Nordic Education School for Dog Trainers

  • Understanding Horses

  • Hund i Fokus: Control Unleashed

  • Maddie’s Fund

  • Trauma in Animals від Controle the Meerkat

  • Aggression in Cats від Hyppocanpus online

  • Pounce: the Cat Cinference від IAAB  and many others

The National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, veterinary medicine.

Чим я можу допомгогти?
  • I can help you understand the causes of your animal's unwanted behavior, create a modification plan and bring that plan to life
    Common questions: - House soiling. - Destructive behavior. - Aggression. - Reactivity. - Stress and trauma.
  • I can help you prepare for the arrival of a new family member.
    Common questions: - How to prepare house for animal arrival? - What do I need to know about the needs of the animal? - How to choose ammunition, litterbox, bowls, beds? - What difficulties should be expected and how to avoid them? - How to facilitate the acquaintance of a new pet with those already living with me?
  • . I also do dog's and cat's training for everyday life.
  • ​​For cats: checking your home for a cat-friendly environment
    We will analyze the location of bowls, beds, scratching posts, vertical space and find out whether your cat is really comfortable living in your apartment. I also recommend taking this type of consultation when moving to a new apartment and planning a cat-friendly design in advance.

How can I help?

Як я працюю

About my approach


For me, the most important thing is the physical and psychological well-being of your animal. Our consultations always begin with a detailed analysis of your animal's conditions of living. At this stage, many problems can already be identified and corrected.

After that, I carefully analyze your animal's behavior problem, look for its causes, and discuss with you a plan to modify this behavior. Some of the techniques I use: shaping, luring, behavior selection, creating alternative behaviors, environmental modification and management. I do not use aversive ammunition, physical and psychological pressure or theory of dominance.


I do not use and condemn the deliberate use of aversive methods of education, but I understand very well that sometimes, in desperation, people are forced to resort to them, because they simply do not know what else to do. Please do not be afraid or ashamed to tell me that you have used physical punishment and pressure. I will not quarrel and judge you for this, it is important for me to understand all these points in order to understand the problem.

My task is to teach you how to work with your animal. I try to use clear examples and media materials. I’m ready to answer all your questions, and more than once. The main thing is that you understand every detail of your animal behavior.


I am attentive not only to the condition of your animal, but also to yours. I, like no one else, understand how frustrating and challenging it can be to communicate with a difficult animal. When choosing a behavior modification plan, I try to make it work not only for your animal but also for you: because we are all different, and we all have different life situations.




Initial consultation

duration 90 minutes

64 euro



Follow-up consultation

duration 45-55 minutes

45 euro

(online and offline)


Short consultation

duration 25 minutes

22 euros

(online only)

In a short consultation, we address small requests, such as how to train a dog for specific commands.

The travel expenses are discussed separately for offline visits and will also be paid.

Additionally, there is a 20% discount for the first consultation if you request preventive before your pet's behavior becomes problematic.

For example, if you already have a cat at home and plan to get another one and want to know in advance how to introduce them,

or if you're expecting a puppy in your family and want to prepare for its arrival.

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How consultation takes place:


You choose the format, convenient time, and consultation date by clicking 

"set a meeting" and paying for the recording. You’ll receive a link to a Zoom call and all

the details in your mail immediately after registration.


Read the consulting agreement, fill out the questionnaire, and send the necessary
video materials at least twenty-four hours before our meeting.


The first consultation allows you to understand your request, assess the animal's condition,
and your interaction with her. We discuss the approximate proposed plan and scope of work.
I give you the first exercises and tasks, and we will agree on the further format of cooperation.


After the meeting, you will receive a synopsis with a description of the exercises, and for two
weeks, we will be in touch. And I will answer your questions in text format if you have them.


The number of necessary consultations depends on the specific case and your needs.
Sometimes, it is possible to do it for one consultation: getting a scheme and direction of
work could be enough. Others need 2-3 consultations to formulate a plan of action, get
feedback, and ensure everything is going well. Someone is more comfortable in long-term
cooperation when I support a carer's work with an animal for many months.

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